New Home Construction

It’s estimated that over 50% of new homeowners fail to get their air conditioning system checked. You and your family should have peace of mind and breathe quality air. At New Tek Mechanical, our team has many years of experience to ensure your new home’s system is running efficiently.

Our Process

As a brand-new home is built, the quality of the air conditioning system can be disregarded. Our technicians come directly to the site and perform a comprehensive inspection of the entire system. The goal is to look for any underlying issues and provide an efficient solution before moving in. We ensure that your thermostats are set at the correct temperature, cooling capacity is leveled, if the system meets efficiency standards and more.

Do You Need an Inspection of Your New Home?

Your new home should be equipped with the best system in the industry. Your new air conditioning system must meet certain standards before you and your family can enjoy the new home. Contact us today to learn more!

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